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Fruiting Olive Trees:
Mission (U.S- Spain) Dual Oil-22% and Fruit (Black and Green) (Available)
Manzanilla (Spain) Fruit Green Table Olives (Available)
Sevillano (Spain) Fruit - Large Table Olives (Queen of Table Olives) (Sold Out)
Kalamata (Greece) Fruit Black -Purple Table Olives (King of Table Olives) (Out)
Amfissa (Greece) Dual (Green/Black Olives)70% of Table production in Greece(O
Bella de Cerignola (Italy) Dual (Very Large Green or Black Table Olives)(Sold Out
Santa Catarina (Italy- Tuscany)Dual (Large Fruit) Early Producer -Cold Tolerant 
Koroneiki (Greece) Oil 27% High Density (Sold Out)
Nocella del Belice (Italy-Sicily) Fruit Large Table Olives (Sold Out)
Ascollana de Tenera (Italy) Dual (Large Table Olives) Oil 16-18% (Light)
Picholene (France) Dual Fruit (Green Table Olives) Oil 18-20% (Available)
Hojiblanca (Spain) Dual (Medium Fruit) 17-19% Oil (Sold Out)
Italian Tuscan Oil Varietal :
Frantoio (17-22% Oil ) (Available)
Leccino(16-22% Oil )
Maurino (14-20% Oil ) Good Pollinator
Lucca (27-28 % Oil ) Closely related to Frantoio- Cold Resistant
Moralio (17-20% Oil)
Pendilino (22-23% Oil) Good Pollinator

Santa Catarina (Dual purpose Large Fruit) Cold Tolerant (Early Harvest)

Coratina (21-26% Oil ) (Sold Out)

Wilsonii Fruitless Variety Also Available
Fruiting Olives Available in 5 and 15 Gallon  Nursery Containers

And Larger 24" Boxes

Please call for Availability and Pricing


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